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Irrigation Frequency Calculator

Irrigation Frequency Calculator

Explore our ETo Tracker tool to know the Reference Evapotranspiration (Eto) value specific to your location.

Use Irrigation Depth Calculator for Irrigation Depth

Approximate Irrigation Depth as per FAO

Shallow Rooting CropsMedium Rooting CropsDeep Rooting Crops
Shallow /Sandy Soil15 mm30 mm40 mm
Loamy Soil20 mm40 mm60 mm
Clayey Soil30 mm50 mm70 mm

Approximate Root Depth of the Major Field Crops

Rooting DepthCrops
Shallow (30-60 cm)Crucifers (cabbage, cauliflower, etc.), celery, lettuce, onions, pineapple, potatoes, spinach, other vegetables except beets, carrots, cucumber.
Medium (50-100 cm)Bananas, beans, beets, carrots, clover, cacao, cucumber, groundnuts, palm trees, peas, pepper, sisal, soybeans, sugarbeet, sunflower, tobacco, tomatoes.
Deep (90-150 cm)Alfalfa, barley, citrus, cotton, dates, deciduous orchards, flax, grapes, maize, melons, oats, olives, safflower, sorghum, sugarcane, sweet potatoes, wheat.