Calculate Your LED Lighting Needs

This tool estimates the LED lighting requirements for a type of area and activity that you want to illuminate.

Room Length (ft)

Room Width (ft)

Lighting Area

Wall Color

Bulb lumens(Lm)

Total Recommended Lumens Total LED Bulbs Required

Steps to Use the Tool

  • Identify the area that you want to illuminate.
  • Estimate the dimensions; Length (ft) and Width (ft) and feed into the tool.
  • Select the area/activity type from the list or select custom illuminance needed in foot-candle(fc) using the chart belowCandle-foot
  • Select the wall color
  • Enter the LED Bulb Lumen value
    LED Bulb Lumens
  • Click the calculate button, to obtain the recommended lumens and number of LED bulbs

Benefits of Painting Wall with Bright Colors

Brightly colored walls save electricity in both direct and indirect ways. Since bright colors reflect light well, which means fewer light fixtures are needed, which saves money right away.

Indirect savings are obtained when the room is actively cooled. The majority of the light generated in a light fixture is converted to heat. This is especially true for incandescent lamps, which convert only 2 to 3% of incoming energy into visible light and dissipate the rest as heat.

Therefore, by lowering the energy required to generate adequate light, the electrical load on the cooling system can be reduced.