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Daily Water Intake Calculator

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How Much Water Should I Drink?

The simple answer is to drink water when you feel thirsty and pay attention to your body’s signals.

However, if you’re curious about a rough estimate of your daily water intake, it depends on your weight, activity level, and the weather. One commonly used method is the Total Water Intake (TWI) equation:

TWI (Total Water Intake) = Basal Water Intake + Sweat Loss + Respiratory Loss + Dietary Water Intake

  • Basal Water Intake is based on your weight (usually around 30-40 mL/kg/day).
  • Sweat Loss varies with your activity level, surroundings, and how much you sweat.
  • Respiratory Loss changes with your metabolism and environment.
  • Dietary Water Intake includes water from food and drinks.

Use the above calculator to estimate your daily water needs based on these factors. As dietary preferences varies person to person, therefore dietary water intake is not included in this tool