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Water Quality Index Calculator
Water Quality Index Calculator

WQI Interpretation
91-100 (Excellent) Water quality is exceptional, meeting all safety standards for human consumption suggested by various agencies around the world.
61-90 (Good) Water quality is good, generally safe for human consumption but may require some treatment to address minor issues.
41-60 (Fair) Water quality is fair, can sustain aquatic life and ecosystems but may require significant treatment for human consumption.
11-40 (Poor) Water quality is poor, may be suitable for tolerant species but attention needed for sustaining sensitive aquatic life and ecosystems.
0-10 (Very Poor) Water quality is very poor, not suitable for aquatic life and ecosystems, but it may be suitable for irrigation.

Water Quality Standards and Utilization Criteria

ParameterUnitDrinking WaterFisheries – Sensitive SpeciesFisheries – Tolerant SpeciesIrrigation
TDSmg/L≤ 500≤ 1000≤ 2000
DOmg/L≥ 6≥ 5≥ 31-3
TurbidityNTU< 5≤ 10≤ 50

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