Green Hydrogen

India sets Green Hydrogen Standard to Boost Clean Energy

India has set a standard for green hydrogen, a clean-burning fuel that can be used to power vehicles and industries. The standard, issued by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), requires that green hydrogen be produced with a well-to-gate emission of not more than 2 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent per kilogram of hydrogen.

This is a significant step towards India’s goal of becoming a global leader in the production and use of green hydrogen. The standard will help to ensure that the hydrogen produced in India is truly clean and sustainable, and it will also help to create a level playing field for businesses that are developing green hydrogen technologies.

What is Green Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power. The production of green hydrogen does not produce any greenhouse gases, making it a clean and sustainable fuel.

The Indian government has set a target of producing 5 million metric tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030. The green hydrogen industry is expected to create millions of jobs in India. The development of the green hydrogen industry will require investment in research and development, as well as the construction of new production facilities.

Benefits of Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen has a number of benefits, including:

  • It can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It can create jobs.
  • It can boost the economy.
  • It can help India become a global leader in the green hydrogen market.


The production of green hydrogen also faces some challenges, including:

  • The high cost of production. Green hydrogen is currently more expensive to produce than conventional hydrogen.
  • The lack of infrastructure. There is currently a lack of infrastructure for the production, storage, and transportation of green hydrogen.

However, these challenges can be overcome with government support and investment. With the right policies in place, India can position itself as a major player in the global green hydrogen market.

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