Carbon Footprint

CO2 emissions from various types of fuel & vehicles

CO2 emissions from Various Fuels
Fuel typeKg of CO2 per unit of consumption
Grid electricity43 per kWh
Natural gas3142 per tonne
Diesel fuel2.68 per litre
Petrol2.31 per litre
Coal2419 per tonne
LPG1.51 per litre
Carbon emission from Various Transport vehicles
Vehicle typeKg CO2 per litre
Small petrol car 1.4 litre engine0.17/km
Medium car (1.4 – 2.1 litres)0.22/km
Large car0.27/km
Average petrol car0.20/km
Small diesel car (>2 litres)0.12/km
Large car0.14/km
Average diesel car0.12/km
Articulated lorry, diesel engine2.68/km (0.35litres fuel per km)
Rail0.06 per person per km
Air, short haul ( 500km)0.18 per person per km
Air, long haul0.11
Shipping0.01 per tonne per km

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