Nalsarovar Lake, Gujarat

Nalsarovar Lake, Gujarat
Area 121 km²
Elevation 5 m

Nal Sarovar literally translates to ‘Tap Lake’. The resemblance is in the fact that this famous tourist attraction houses various different kinds of bird species which in turn are attracted to this lake. It has many small islands (records say 36) and the region is spread over a large area such that the birds can roam about without any conflict among the different species . This bird sanctuary is located at about 64 km to the west of Ahmedabad near Sanand village,Gujarat.

The most popular aspect of this tourist attraction is the wide variety and different myriad of migratory birds that can be enjoyed. Nalsarovar wetland, in Gujarat, is deemed as the biggest wetland bird sanctuary in the state. As many as 200 different species of birds can be discerned and enjoyed. The birds migrate from as far as Siberia, Oman, UAE etc. Apart from these, typical species like pelicans, ducks, herons and storks can be found easily.

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