Classification of Industrial Sectors into Red, Orange, Green and White Category

As part of the government’s policies and objectives to promote “Ease of Doing Responsible Business,” the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, in cooperation with the Central Pollution Control Board, classed industries into “Red,” “Orange,” “Green,” and “White” categories.

The Pollution Index (PI) is used to categorize industrial sectors. The growing value of PI reflects the increasing degree of pollution load from the industrial sector, and the figure ranges from 0 to 100.

Pollution Index (PI)Category
60 and above Red 
 up to 20 White
Categorization of Industrial Sectors based on Pollution Index (PI)

S.NoIndustrial SectorS.NoIndustrial Sector
1Isolated storage of hazardous chemicals31Hotels (Big)
2Automobile Manufacturing (integrated)32Lead acid battery -recyclers
3Hazardous waste recycling  (Spent cleared metal catalyst )33Waste electrical and electronic recyclers
4Lubricating oils  and grease mfg.34Glue and gelatin
5DG Set  (> 5 MVA)35Mining and ore beneficiation
6Carbon black & allied36Nuclear power plant
7Lead acid battery37Pesticides
8Phosphate rock processing38Photographic film /chemicals
9Power generation plant39Yarn / Textile processing
10Hazardous Waste Recyclers (Spent catalyst)40Chlor Alkali
11Chlorinated hydrocarbons41Ship Breaking
12Sugar42Oil and gas extraction
13Fibre glass production43Metal surface treatment
14Fire crackers44Tanneries
15E-Waste Recyclers45Ports /harbor/jetties
15Milk and dairy products46Synthetic fibers
17Phosphorous47Thermal Power Plants
18Pulp & Paper48Slaughter house
19Coke making49Aluminium Smelter
20Explosives / detonators50Copper Smelter
21Paints varnishes, pigments51Fertilizer (basic)
22Organic Chemicals52Integrated Iron & Steel
23Airports and Commercial Air Strips53Pulp & Paper ( bleaching)
24Asbestos54Zinc Smelter
25Basic chemicals55Oil Refinery
27Chlorates, per-chlorates & peroxides57Pharmaceuticals
28Chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine58Pulp & Paper ( Large-Agro + wood),
29Dyes and Dye- Intermediates59Distillery
30Health-care Establishment60Railway locomotive work shop/  service centers
List of Red Category Industries 

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