Procedure to Obtain a CPCB Certificate for Compostable Plastic Manufacturing

Compostable Plastic Carry Bag
Compostable Plastic

Need for CPCB Certification

The Government of India banned the usage of single use plastics in the country from the 1st of July,2022. An alternative to these kind of plastics can be compostable plastics- a type of eco-friendly plastic which can be broken down by a biological process during composting releasing carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass at a rate consistent with other compostable materials without leaving toxic residues.

The certification for manufacturing of compositable bags is mandated by rule 4(h) of the Plastic Waste Management Rules, which states that the manufacturer of any compostable plastic carry bag must obtain a certificate from the Central Pollution Control Board before the marketing of such goods.


The applicant must be a manufacturer of compostable plastic carry bags or commodities.

Documents Required

  • Duly filled Form A
  • Consent under Air & Water Act issued by SPCB/PCC.
  • Registration Certificate for production of compostable carry bags from concerned SPCB/PCC under Rule 13(i) of Plastic Waste Management Rules,2018
  • Process Flow Diagram of the manufacturing process.
  • Test report as per IS 17088:2008 (via CIPET or any other Govt. laboratory authorized by CPCB)
  • Details of raw material & Documents supporting procurement of raw material
  • Documents supporting sale of end-products
  • Details of pollution control measures
  • Undertaking letter on Rs.100/- Stamp paper (Format for undertaking-Annexure V)

Fees Structure

The application fees is payable by the applicant as follows:

Manufacturing CapacityApplication Fees
< 200 TPARs. 5,000
200-2000 TPARs. 20,000
> 2,000 TPARs. 50,000
Fee structure of CPCB certification for manufacturing of compostable plastic carry bag

Application Process

Steps for Online filling of the Application for Manufacturing of Compostable plastic carry bags

  • Visit the link “Compostable Plastics – E Certification
  • Create account by signing up on the portal
  • File an application in Form A along with the requisite documents
  • An application number shall be assigned and confirmatory e-mail be sent to the applicant within three working days of receipt of the application by CPCB
  • Certificate shall be issued within seven working days of submission of the application complete in all respects

A provisional certificate is issued in the following two cases:

  1. Test report as per IS/ISO:17088 covering first two components (a) Disintegration during composting and Ultimate aerobic biodegradation is submitted. Final certificate in such cases shall be issued on submission of complete test report covering all four components.
  2. If the sample has been sent for testing prior to grant of Consent to Operate from SPCB/PCC indicating the sample has not been manufactured at the unit, the unit shall send a fresh sample manufactured at the unit for testing after the grant of the provisional certificate. Final certificate, in such cases shall be issued after submission of compete test report.


Description    Timeline
Generation of Application number3 days
Issue of Certificate7 days
CPCB’s query respond time for applicant (In case of no response, application shall be rejected)30 days
Application processing time for CPCB (In case of no response, certificate shall be generated)30 days
Validity of provisional certificate180 days
CPCB Compostable Plastics – E Certification Timeline

Post certification SOPs & Compliances

  1. The applicant must manufacture the end product using the raw materials and must comply with the production process given under Annexure I of SOP.
  2.  The Manufacturer shall generate QR code based on the details (Name, plant address, CPCB certificate no. etc.) provided in the certificate issued by CPCB and QR code shall be provided on each of the carry bag manufactured at the certified unit. The “verifiable” details of the QR code shall be shared with the CPCB within one month of issue of the Certificate.
  3. The applicant must label each compostable plastic carry bag as “COMPOSTABLE” IS/ISO:17088 titled as Specifications for “Compostable Plastic” in English & regional language and must have a printed code and Certificate Number of “Manufacturer”.

  4. The half yearly progress report, giving details of manufacture and sale of Compostable plastics. Scanned copy of tax invoices have to be uploaded on the portal.
  5. The applicant must file a fresh application with CPCB for grant of certificate in case there is any change in raw material/ production process or product.

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